Popular adventure tours in the Cayo District.

Cayo Adventure Tours

Popular Adventure Tours in Western Belize – the Cayo District.

In this blog I’ll write about popular adventure tours in Belize’s Cayo District. While most of the Belize’s Cayo tours add some sense of adventure to your vacation, such as discovering ancient Mayan temples and trekking the surrounding jungle forest, here are a few popular adventurous tours that are sure to thrill and fulfill your adventurous spirit.   

Cave tubing at the Cave Branch Area


Cave tubing in Belize

Cave tubing in Belize


Forget the lazy river at that popular water park, this is real adventure.  The Rocks are real, the caves are real, heck, even the inner tubes are real.  Here you get to float down the river, through dark caves, and emerge only to find your self being swallowed up again by another cave.  This is a fun adventure for both old and young. Do be safe, Do wear an adequate life jacket or PFD (personal flotation device) as the water becomes quite deep in some areas. Tip: ask your host or tour guides when is the best time to avoid the cruise ship crowds.  Currently to avoid the cruise ship crowds plan on arriving before 9 AM or Arriving after 1 PM. Cruise ship crowds arrive on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Attribute for cave tubing picture: Attributes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/44603071@N00/with/2417471198/   

To go cave tubing you can hire a tour guide in San Ignacio that will take you there.  If you have a rental vehicle you can get there on your own.  Once at the site there are tour operators that will rent you a tube, head lamp and pfd.
For more deatils on cave tubing in the Cayo district please follow this link http://www.belize-cayo-tours.com/belize_cayo_adventure_tours.htm#cavetubing


Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave ATM Cave for short


actun tunichil muknal, belize

Actun Tunichil Muknal, ATM cave for short in Belize's Cayo District


Dare to enter Xibalba “the Mayan Underworld” at the ATM Cave.
This is the ultimate adventure tour. Not recommended for the old, weak or feint of heart. Walk, climb or crawl, sink or swim, as you make your way to discover the hidden underworld of the Maya.  And pray that the Maya God of the Underworld doesn’t choose you as the next sacrificial victim. 
Picture of ATM Cave Attributes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/46241645@N00/97946639/  

To visit the ATM Cave you must hire a few an authorized tour operator in San Ignacio.  No unguided tours of the ATM cave are allowed.


Caving and Canoeing at Barton Creek Cave


The Cave entrance at Barton Creek

The Cave entrance at Barton Creek


Another excellent adventure spot, the creek at Barton Creek, provides an excellent place for canoeing and swimming and exploring.  Inside the cave you can see skeletal remains and a calcified skull of either sacrificial victims or a burial site.  A natural altar and natural bridge and stalactites are amongst the things to find. The canoe trip leads inside the cave for at least an hour or so.
Picture of Barton Creek Attributes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/saucysalad/4515995518/in/photostream/ 
For more in on Barton Creek canoeing adventure please visit


Canoeing the Macal River

Canoeing the Macal River is a great adventure activity.  Imagine yourself canoeing a pristine tropical river, observing the steep cliffsides, and jungle forest all while navigating around mild rapids, dead trunks and deep water and sometimes only ankle deep water.  Perhaps you will see iguanas and howler monkeys, or the vultures circling high above.  Perhaps you found a great place to take a refreshing swim in the water.  Or your picnic lunch beneath blue skies and snow white puffy clouds, is like a gourmet feast.  Whatever you do you always come away with a memorable canoe trip.  Not everyone can boast of having canoed a tropical river.  Tip: here’s a link for more details about this canoeing adventure in Belize’s Cayo district.

There’s info there on duration, distance, tips, aprox. cost, fees, etc. So as not to duplicate the content here again, please follow the above link for more info. 

As mentioned before most of the tours in the Cayo District provide some sense of adventure, and vice versa the adventure type tours provide for great sight seeing opportunities as well.  These are a few of the tours that I believe will satisfy the adventurous spirit in you.

For Additional Information:

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