Sight Seeing in Belize’s Cayo District

Sight Seeing in western Belize the Cayo District 

So every tourist wants to come back from vacation with a great bunch of pictures to show off to friends and family about where they have been and what they did and saw.  Well if you visit the Cayo district we guarantee that you will have a great bunch of photos to show off to your friends and family.  The Cayo is rich with scenic photo ops and panoramic vistas.  Wonder in awe from  on top of “Canaa” at Carocol and the falls at Rio On in the Mountain Pine Ridge.  Feel small in the cave at Rio Frio or cramped in adventure at the ATM cave.  Capture the deep blue hue of the blue morpho butterfly at the butterfly farm, or colorful bill of the toucan in the wild.  Come face to face to face with a jaguar (if you dare) at the Belize Zoo or try to keep up with the Rufus tail butterfly right outside your window.  These are but a few of the many sights (and sounds) of what you may encounter in your sight seeing adventure in the Cayo district of Belize.  We have a structured website with all tours and activities that you can visit for more information if you wish at   

Scenic photo of the Falls at Rio On

Scenic photo of the Falls at Rio On. Its a lot bigger th it loks here, everyone gets to choose his/her own private pool or waterfall.

A Scenic photo of the Falls at Rio On.   

So How do I go Sight Seeing in Belize?


Most sight seeing is done by doing one of the tours for example going on tour to the Maya site of Caracol offers scenic and panoramic vistas of the site itself, surrounding jungles, possible wildlife sightings such as the howler monkey, in addition stops may include the Rio Frio Cave, Rio On  or Big Rock Falls, or even 1000 foot falls if the weather is favorable.    

Canoeing the Macal River.  The macal river, with the Hawkesworth Bridge in the background.

Canoeing the Macal River. The macal river, with the Hawkesworth Bridge in the background.

Booking a canoe trip up the Macal river to the Cha Creek area provides many scenic vistas of the river itself, possible wildlife sightings of birds, and iguanas, you might hear the howler monkeys in the distance.  Cliff side and Jungle forest add to the beauty as well.  Theirs a place to stop and have lunch and things to do at Cha Creek including the butterfly farm and the Ixchel medicine trail.   

So I have mentioned only two tours and already you have many memorable sight seeing ops, so check out the available tours in our website Belize Cayo Tours to help you decide where you would like to visit.   

Where do I book or catch a tour in Cayo?

Most tours can be arranged the same day in San Ignacio.  Their are several tour operators down town eager for your business.  Most tours start early but if you arrive late you can arrange a tour for the next day.  John your host at J and R Guest house can recommend tour and tour operators as well and even help to arrange these for you.  Like wise if you are staying at a resort they might have their own tour guides and tours.  Other wise grab a tour guide in down town San Ignacio.  Again our website has more helpful details about tours so do visit to learn more.  Here’s that link again   

San Ignacio in the Cayo District of Belize.

San Ignacio in the Cayo District of Belize. Home base for all your travel needs in the Cayo District.

A List of Recommended Tours and activities that provide for great sight seeing opportunities.

The Cayo District the western district of Belize has many natural and ancient historical attractions.  

From the sight Seeing Tours I would recommend:

 A day trip to the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve area.
Stops here would include Rio Frio Cave, Rio On Pools, and 1000
foot falls or Big rock.
Special Note: 1000 foot falls can visited if roads are accessible and weather
permitting and alternately Big rock Falls will be substituted if roads inaccessible
to 1000 foot falls. Very scenic and panoramic views make this a great sight seeing

Rio Frio Cave

Rio Frio Cave Mountain Pine Ridge area near Augustine. This is a view from inside the cave looking out of the mouth of the cave.

From the Maya Temple Tours I would recommend:

1. Xunantunich close to San Ignacio well worth the trip
2. Cahal Pech -in San Ignacio walking distance from J&R Guest House. This can be fitted in to the same day you do Xunantunich

A view of the main temple at Caracol

Caracol a view of the main temple at Caracol

3. Caracol you will have to hire a tour operator to get you there (recommended) other wise you have to have rent a vehicle to get there. This tour requires a full day and usually departs by 7:30 am. It’s 69 miles and up to 2 hours drive from San Ignacio but well worth the trip. Stops may include Rio On and the Rio Frio Cave.
4. Tikal Now you must know that Tikal is not in Belize, it is actually in the neighbouring country of Guatemala. But it is also so close to your home base in San Ignacio that the 2 hour trip is well worth the drive. Plus you can add another notch to your belt of the countries visited. The temples have been so beautifully restored that you will come away with a lot photos and memorable experience.

From the Cayo Adventure tours I would recommend:

1. Cave tubing in the cave branch area – this is a fun and adventurous trip which provides many ops for taking pictures.
2. Canoeing the Macal River – Rent a canoe in San Ignacio and paddle up river. We recommend you paddle up to the Cha Creek area where you can stop and enjoy your picnic lunch and then take in the butterfly farm and Ixchel Medicine Trail before heading back to San Ignacio. River bends, jungle forest and cliff sides provide many ops for photo shoots along the way.    

From the Natural History Tours I would recommend the Belize Zoo:

macaw parrot at Belize Zoo

macaw parrot belize zoo

While you may never encounter these animals in the wild or on tour, here at the Belize Zoo is great sight seeing and photo op to capture all of Belize’s wildlife on camera.

Now I’ve said a lot, and I could probably say a lot more, but our blog visitors would love to hear from previous visitors, so please leave a comment about your sight seeing experience while on tour, describe the sight and sounds and great places to go sight seeing and thing to see and do in the Cayo district.


For Additional Information:

I recommend you also visit our website which has more details and information about these tours including duration, distance, cost, park fees, getting there

Here’s the link to the Belize Cayo Tours website.
We have also put together a helpful suggested Itinerary to help you plan your visit.   Here’s that link to the Belize Cayo Travel Itinerary page:

Also, if you want to find out more about J&R Guest House in San Ignacio info such as rooms, rates, amenities, etc. heres a link for more info.

Of course San Ignacio is your home base for all your Cayo adventure, eco travel, sight seeing, and Maya Ruins tours, and J&R guest house is in the heart of San Ignacio(blatant plug :-) .     

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you have found it both enjoyable and informative.  I also hope you will visit our beautiful country and come stay with us at J&R Guest House.

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