Welcome to the J and R guest house blog!

Welcome to the J and R guest house blog. Through this blog we hope to provide great content describing tours and activities. We hope our blog visitors will share their insight about Cayo, share ideas about things to do and places to eat. Being a guest house we will be very bias about places to stay since we think, no we believe, no we know that there isn’t a better guest house in Cayo, nay in all of Belize. So why bother to look elsewhere for your budget accommodation needs, Right?  Can you tell we are biased :-) All this is information that we hope guests will find helpful in planning their visit to Belize’s Cayo District.  So feel free to comment and post a photo when that feature becomes available. What we are really hoping for is that first our visitors will recommend J and R guest house as great place to stay and that second visitors will describe the different tours and activities thus recommending and convincing potential tourist, nay guest, that the Cayo District is a great eco-tourism and adventure vacation destination. Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading our blog and thanks for posting a comment.

J and R Guest House Budget accommodations First Class Adventure!
please also visit our website for more info http://www.belize-cayo-tours.com

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